Imagewrap Hardcover Large Square Photo Book

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11" x 11" inches
ImageWrap Hardcover
40 Pages
170 gsm Premium Textured Paper
PUR Perfect Binding
AU $ 121.00 /  AU $ 59.95
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1 March, 2018

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Imagewrap Hardcover Large Square Photo Book

Square photo book has an equal width and height dimension (see picture below). We offer Square photo book of several sizes - 11" wide x 11" high or 8” wide x 8” high or 6” wide x 6” high. Based on three photo book formats, a square photo book is the least frequently used, which makes it the most unique.

Photo book Shape - Large Square 11 x 11 inches

Durable photo book, good for photo viewing and sharing. Ideal to occasion for new born baby or birthdays.

Photo book Cover - Hardcover with Image wrapping

Print your image directly on the cover and back of the book.

Paper - 170 gsm Premium Textured Paper

Matte White Paper, great textured feeling and touching. Quality paper that brings out the colors of your photos.

Binding - PUR Glue Perfect Binding

Traditional hand-bounded binding technique for quality finishing and durability that feels like a classical book. Uses PUR perfect binding that could withstand the rigours of repeated opening and closing.

Pages - 40 pages and more

Offer 40 pages as a start, upgradable up to 100 pages.

Customise - Make your own photo book

Design your own photo book content and cover. No limit of photos per page, freedom to rotate, add your own text, mask, clip arts, backgrounds, frames and more.

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Create your Photo Book

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