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Extra Large

16" x 12" Landscape Hardcover

260gsm Premium Textured Paper

Extra fine 260gsm high quality textured paper brings out the finest details, and ensure images have maximum luminosity. It also give your photos a sturdy feel and exquisite texture for unique “touch and feel” experience.

PUR Glue Perfect Binding

Durable Binding, Will last for many years.
40 pages as a start, upgradable up to 100 pages.

Custom Creation

Use our PhotobookJoy Designer to create your own photo book. It is simple to design, so that every book you make is unique and beautiful.

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Create a masterpiece

You can easily create your photo book of your precious moments like your travel journey, wedding, birthdays or new born baby for keepsake or to share it with your family and friends. Freeze the moment, make every memory count.

Premium Imagewrap Hardcover Photo Book

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16" x 12" inches
ImageWrap Hardcover
40 Pages
250gsm premium fine paper with matte / glossy finish.
PUR Glue Prefect Binding
AU $ 247.50 /  AU $ 183.00
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1 March, 2018

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Create your Photo Book

You can create the Photo Book by download our Photobookjoy Designer.